Who We Are

The Ellicottville Distillery is a locally owned distillery focused on making the highest quality boutique spirits available in the New York State market.   The unique make-up of our partnership enables us to grow our own grains on our own land, and ferment and distill them with an artisan’s eye for detail.  

The two people who make it all happen are Charlie Bares, our resident agronomist and Bryan Scharf, our distiller.

Charlie, who has been farming for 30 years, can grow just about any crop suitable to making spirits: wheat, barely, corn, rye, to name a few.  Using local parcels in the surrounding area, Charlie manages the production of crops used in our whisky and vodka – and soon-to-be gin, bourbon and others.

Bryan then takes the freshly grown grains and ferments them into an alcoholic mash, and distills them using our custom-made, German copper pot still.

Why we are different

Unlike most distilleries, which buy commodity grain, our ability to grow our own produce sets us apart. The whole process lies under our control, enabling us to maintain high quality at every step of the way, and ensure that the spirit in your glass is the best it can be.

“We grow it.

We ferment it.

We distill it.”

We Grow Your Buzz!